clchang, the
PHP Web Developer.

I build websites, web applications and content marketing.
I work with small medium business to create online presence for
sales, brand and market growth.

Web Design

Web Design

Have your Web Site Design looking at their best to visitors using mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers. Upgrade or create your business website using Responsive Web Design. No more scrolling or resizing to access your website from smart phone devices.

E Commerce

E Commerce

Are you OVERWORKED, Worried About Losing Business, and not making enough for your family? Discover Malaysia Online Shopping business systems - create a shopping cart website, be part of a fast growing online market and don't miss out this opportunity.

Sample Sites

Selection of Website Templates for you to choose

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I make tapping sounds when I work, sometimes with cries of joy, anger or anguish. I mix and match alphabets, numbers or symbols in several different languages. At times, I share my work to the community, like the thousands who have done so, long before I did.

I am a coder and I build modern web applications for a living - Allan Chang, Web Design in Malaysia