4 Ways a CaaS Platform Can Enable DevOps Success

DevOps adoption is increasing by the minute, with more companies transforming their culture and technology to implement this model. The 2017 State of DevOps report speaks directly to their motivation: Organizations effectively utilizing DevOps principlesachieved 46x more frequent software deployments than their competitors, 96x faster recovery from failures, 440x faster lead time for changes and had higher levels of operational efficiency and overall customer satisfaction. There is no question that implementing a DevOps infrastructure can benefit an organization; the trouble is in figuring out how to implement one successfully. Despite the success stories, many organizations still struggle with effectively implementing a DevOps structure. The reason? Developers and operations teams are trying to build one treehouse in two different trees. By working together in the same treeor, rather, on a container-as-a-service (CaaS) platformthey can execute their individual tasks on common ground, making it a much more collaborative and efficient process. Officially, a CaaS platform is a modern application platform that IT professionals use todeploy, manage and scale containers and container-basedapplications and services. But for a team looking to successfully implement DevOps principles, a CaaS platform is the technology backbone of this transformation.

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