Amdocs Unveils Platform for Building Microservices

Amdocs, at the Mobile World Congress 2018 conference this week, launched a microservices-focused development platform based on Kubernetes that is optimized to meet the requirements of telecommunications service providers. Daniela Perlmutter, vice president of product marketing for Amdocs, says AmdocsOne provides a complete container-as-as-service (CaaS) platform for building microservices. In addition to the core platform, Amdocs has included the Jenkins software to provide a continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) platform, and a set of best practices and methodologies derived from work it has done with more 350 customers. AmdocsOne was designed in a modular fashion, Perlmutter notes, which enables DevOps teams to swap out any component in favor of another technology they prefer.

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