Anchore Extends Container Monitoring Reach

As IT organizations employ Docker containers to drive hybrid cloud computing deployments, theres an increased need for monitoring tools that can track how containers are being employed both in the cloud and on-premises. To enable IT organizations to achieve that goal, Anchore has made available an edition of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) monitoring tools that can invoke Anchore Engine, an open-source edition of its software that can be deployed in an on-premises IT environment. Anchore CEO Sad Ziouani says that while most container applications are deployed in the cloud today, its now only a matter of time before a substantial number of containerized applications also get deployed on-premises. In fact, many legacy applications are being lifted into containers to make them more accessible to developers. Sometimes those applications are then shifted into a public cloud. But just as often they remain where they are because of performance concerns and compliance requirements, says Ziouani. Anchore Cloud 2.0 also provides tighter integration with Kubernetes container orchestration software, which rapidly is becoming a de facto standard both in the cloud and on-premises. Ziouani says over time most of the hybrid instances of container applications will be built on distributed instances of Kubernetes. To facilitate the management of those deployments, Anchore has added a a graphical policy editor to allow creation and management of custom policies.

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