Aqua Security Bolsters Container Security

Now that containers are showing up with increased frequency in production environments, the challenges associated with securing those containers are becoming more apparent to developers and IT security teams alike. The latest 2.6 release of the Aqua Container Security Platform (CSP) from Aqua Security makes generally available runtime security software for containers running on both Windows and Linux. Rani Osnat, vice president of marketing for Aqua Security, says while most containers today are running on Linux, use of containers on Windows and the Azure cloud are gaining momentum. As that occurs, organizations need a more robust approach to managing container security across multiple platforms, says Osnat. A new survey of 512 IT professionals conducted by Aqua Security finds that half are now running containers in a production environment. Osnat says the survey shows that DevOps teams today are most responsible for securing those containers, but its expected that DevSecOps teams will begin to assume more responsibility, says Osnat.

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