Attention, Enterprises: Only You Can Secure Your Containers

The open-source world is quickly taking large strides into containerization, specifically consolidating its efforts behind solutions such as Kubernetes. Containers increasingly are becoming attractive options for running applications, thanks in large part to their speed and versatility. But, theres a clear generational gap emerging on this front. Many of the early and enthusiastic adopters of Kubernetes, for instance, are smaller, innovative companies building their own platforms. For them, the appeal is clear: If youre hedging bets that containerization will be the next generation of IT infrastructure, then technologies such as Kubernetes provide the ecosystem of tools an organization needs to operate in that space. Built-in capabilities including automatic scaling and deployment for applications make these especially appealing for the innovators. The larger, more established enterprises are another matter. By and large, enterprises seem downright allergic to containers, citing, among other reasons, security concerns as their biggest objection. But, these concerns, while understandable, are misplaced. Containers actually give enterprises more, not less, autonomy over their security needs.

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