CNCF Adds Vitess Database Orchestration Project

The Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) this week has decided to accept Vitess as a new project. Vitess is a database orchestration system developed at YouTube that automatically shards instances of open source MySQL databases as they horizontally scale. Sugu Sougoumarane, CTO at PlanetScale Data and co-creator of Vitess during his tenure at YouTube, says Vitess enables organizations to shard databases in a way that is transparent to applications. They can even split and merge shards as needs grow by employing an atomic cutover step that takes only a few seconds. Thats critical because each time a database is broken up into shards developers would otherwise have to manually adjust the applications accessing that database. Given the number of times a database needs to be broken up into shards as an application scales, the processes associated with rewriting applications to deal with each new shard of a database becomes unwieldy to manage and is highly prone to errors, Sougoumarane says, adding all that manual effort also increases the risk of introducing additional security vulnerabilities.

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