CNCF Delivers Robust Prometheus Container Monitoring

While every IT administrator intuitively accepts the idea that monitoring adds the value, the cost of instrumenting and monitoring every application has proven to be prohibitive. As a result, only a small percentage of applications running in the enterprise are monitored. But as IT organizations begin to embrace microservices based on containers, they are discovering that monitoring is indispensable primarily because of all the interdependencies that exist between microservices. To address that issue, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) embraces an open-source Prometheus container monitoring project. This week the CNCF followed up on that effort with a 2.0 release of Prometheus that employs a new storage engine to improve performance by several orders of magnitude. Next up, the Prometheus team plans to solidify the application programming interface (API) for that storage engine to make Prometheus available as a service that can be called by third-party applications. Brian Brazil, founder of Robust Perception and one of the original contributors to Prometheus, says Prometheus 2.0 is not only much faster, but it now consumes much less CPU capacity and disk usage.

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