Codefresh Adds Helm Charts to CI/CD Pipelines

In a few short months Helm has emerged as a primary mechanism for installing and updating applications running on top of a Kubernetes cluster. Curated application definitions for Helm are created using a tool dubbed Helm Charts. Now Codefresh, a provider of a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) software, is moving to make Helm a natural extension of an application development pipeline. Codefresh CEO Raziel Tabib says one of the primary benefits derived from integrating Helm Charts is instead of developers pushing software changes to a staging server and running tests, the Codefresh pipeline can automatically load up the full application on a Kubernetes cluster for testing. That eliminates the need for developers to continually make requests of the IT operations teams to load applications and tests, says Tabib. As more responsibility for testing applications continues to shift left onto the shoulders of the developers, Tabib says it behooves the IT operations teams to find ways to enable self-service testing. Otherwise, IT ops becomes a bottleneck in the DevOps process. To make it easier to build a CI/CD pipeline incorporating Helm Charts, Codefresh has outlined the required steps within its platform.

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