Containerd to Drive Expansion of Container Ecosystem in 2018

Now that the containerd project has formally reached a 1.0 status under the auspices of the Cloud Native Container Foundation (CNCF), one of the hallmarks of 2018 will be a significant expansion of the number and types of platforms that can host container images. The containerd project provides a mechanism for transferring container images in addition to controlling how a container is executed and supervised on both Linux and Windows systems. Thanks to ongoing contributions from Docker Inc., Google, NTT, IBM, Microsoft, AWS, ZTE, Huawei and ZJU, additional containerd contributions have created a storage and distribution system that supports both OCI and Docker image formats, an events system and a more sophisticated snapshot model to manage container filesystems. Within the container community the containerd project is already being employed within the cri-containerd project, which enables users to run Kubernetes clusters using containerd as the underlying runtime. The containerd project also developed an application programming interface (API) using gRPC and exposes metrics in a format that can be consumed by Prometheus container monitoring software.

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