Devops is essential to the cloud, and to its payoff

The notion of devops means that youre streamlining the movement of applications from the point of need to production. It matters not if youre changing or improving applications or building new ones. Of course, devopsarose around the rise of cloud computing, and thats no mystery. Cloud computing provides a point of central deployment using a shared consumption model. So, devops, fits well into that model considering that youre consistently developing and deploying applications around the notion of continuous improvement. However, whats more interesting is not the fact that devops is a nice way to leverage the value of cloud computing; its the fact that devops should be systemic to all that is cloud for most, if not all, enterprises. Indeed, Im rarely working on a cloud migration project that does not have a devops component. Either the company is building a new devops organization and processes at the same time, or it is improving existing ones. Enterprises are getting itor have already got it.

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