Devops open source monitoring tools can reduce cost and increase uptime

Recent progress in the open source world of devops tools can help enterprises reduce costs and increase uptime. They key thing is for managers to know how to choose and implement tools. Look for tools that support the core devops cultural shift, which is the cultural bias to working collaboratively. In the modern enterprise we often have very siloed data and information, and monitoring tools should help bring that data together. Devops engineers using the right tools can make sure that data is shared not just with the ops team, but the dev team and the business team. IT managers need a report thats generated off same data that goes to the business. With the right tools, managers have a real-time report that goes to the business, the dev teams, and the ops teams so that they are all looking at the same data at the same time. This reduces the time needed to resolve issues. It eliminates the problem of having the network teams, development teams and database teams looking at different data and not immediately seeing where a problem lies. The right tools can ensure that theyre all looking at the same screen, and shows the same red dots in the same places. That cuts down on long conversations and incident calls.

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