Do you know the one secret to successful digital transformation?

Devops and cloud are the inescapable words of the decade for IT professionals, and with good reason: making the shift to digitally transform under these models can result in a business-defining transformation with increased speed, reduced costs, and better control and quality much simpler for companies to achieve. And statistics show that these models are taking off. An article in The Enterprisers Project dives into the 2016 State of the Devops Report, noting the report shows high-performing IT organizations employing devops practices are deploying 200 times more frequently than their low-performing counterparts, and that correspondingly these organizations are also able to enjoy 24X faster recovery from failure and minimize downtime. In other words, fast is the new big. I have discussed in previous posts the importance of digital transformation driven by a devops model and cloud transition and just how enterprises can go about implementing the technology needed for this transformation. But aside from making necessary technology changes, what else do organizations have to do to ensure its transformation is successful and drives positive change?

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