Docker Inc. Embraces Kubernetes

At the DockerCon Europe 2017 conference, Docker Inc. announced it has made the Kubernetes container orchestration engine an equal citizen to Docker Swam within the context of Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) container-as-a-service (CaaS) platform. David Messina, senior vice president of marketing for Docker Inc., says IT organizations now have the option to decide as they deploy a containerized application if they want to deploy it on Docker Swarm or Kubernetes, noting the container orchestration engine is now an optional feature of the CaaS environment. Within the context of the Docker EE CaaS environment, IT organizations could find that Kubernetes is much easier to deploy and manage, Messina adds. Just as important, Messina notes that regardless of whether an IT organization opts to deploy Swam or Kubernetes, it will be able to provide a consistent experience spanning the entire DevOps life cycle.

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