Embracing continuous delivery to power the programmable enterprise

Move fast and break things with DevOps has become a popular Silicon Valley mantra during the past few years. DevOps empowers developers to quickly ship code and holds them accountable for operating their software. As DevOps becomes the new norm within Silicon Valley, enterprises outside the Valley have begun to look on with a mix of intrigue and terror. Some organizations have held to enforcing the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) method of ITSM (IT service management) and shied away from using DevOps. These organizations maintain that the segregation of duties is a non-negotiable requirement for compliance, and developers should never be allowed to ship code directly to production. Other enterprises, such as Intuit, CSAA, NBCUniversal, Rally Software, and Family Search, have wholeheartedly embraced DevOps. These organizations found ways to smartly navigate compliance issues, and in the process, accelerated their development velocity, shortening the time needed to take ideas from whiteboard to customer implementation. These enterprises are now well on their way to becoming programmable enterprises.

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