Heptio Makes Case for Kubernetes Subscription Service

The Kubernetes container platform is largely still a work in progress, so naturally theres a need for a lot of support from external service providers. Most internal IT organizations, however, still dont have much in the way of Kubernetes expertise. One of the providers of a curated instance of Kubernetes is stepping into fill the void: Heptio, which has launched the Heptio Kubernetes Subscription (HKS) service, through which it ensures that the instance being provided is always compatible with the latest upstream instance of Kubernetes made available by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Eryn Muetzel, head of product marketing at Heptio, says her company is trying to address the issue of rival distributions of Kubernetes, which are usually a few or more releases behind the CNCF. In most cases, its because they have extended the platform to add some form of unique value. In contrast, Heptio is committed to making available extensions in a way that doesnt change the core code provided by CNCF. In addition, whatever extensions the company creates will be contributed back to the Kubernetes community or to the appropriate open source project, says Muetzel. In every recommendation Heptio makes, Muetzel says the company will also insist on supporting an open source tool over any commercial offerings. Heptio is touting its approach as an undistribution, in that its curated instance of Kubernetes makes it possible for IT organizations to deploy it on-premises or in a public cloud running on virtual machines or bare-metal servers. In contrast, cloud service providers are exposing instances that still serve to lock in customers, she says.

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