IBM Extends Container Storage Support

As the number of stateful applications being developed using Docker containers increases, a battle has broken out among storage vendors anxious to grab a share of an emerging class of workloads. The latest vendor to extend the reach of its storage software by adding support for both containers and Kubernetes is IBM. A driver is being added free of charge to the IBM Spectrum Control Base Edition that enables container-based applications to access IBM storage systems running either IBM Spectrum Accelerate or IBM Spectrum Virtualize software. Storage systems running IBM Spectrum Virtualize can be attached to more than 400 different server platforms. Integration with Kubernetes cloud orchestration software and IBM Cloud Private, an instance of a private cloud that can be deployed on-premises or in the IBM Cloud public service, is also being provided. IBM also unveiled a denser version of its all-Flash array that uses 3D NAND Flash memory-stacking technology from Micron Technologies and new compression algorithms based on a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) to increase overall storage capacity of an IBM all-Flash storage system by a factor of three. It also enables the ability to employ IBM Spectrum Virtualize on an IBM Public cloud for disaster recovery.

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