JS Foundation Aims to Accelerate Serverless Computing Adoption

Most implementations of serverless computing frameworks are based on an event-driven architecture that is itself based on microservices enabled by containers. The JS Foundation is now moving to make those frameworks more accessible to developers writing code in JavaScript by unifying the efforts of two existing projects. The first is an architect project that enables provisioning and deployment of serverless cloud infrastructure by employing a simple plain text manifest file to create, for example, functions, routes, DNS, static assets and databases, without having to embed infrastructure configuration data into a revision control system. The second project, dubbed Marko, provides a user interface (UI) library to provide JavaScript developers with a component-based development model. Developed by eBay, that UI library is optimized for building applications on high-traffic websites that in the future are likely to rely more on serverless computing frameworks.

Read Full Article at https://containerjournal.com/2018/01/15/js-foundation-aims-to-accelerate-serverless-computing-adoption/

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