Kasten Rises to Container Data Management Challenge

One of the biggest unmet challenges associated with building microservices based on containers is managing all the data attached to them. As microservices dynamically appear and disappear, keeping track of what is being used or needs to be made available becomes a significant IT operational headache. To address that issue, Kasten has developed a K10 platform to dynamically apply policies to data being accessed by containerized applications deployed on top of a Kubernetes cluster. In addition, Kasten is making available Kanister, a series of extensible open source blueprints that can be employed to automate lower-level data management tasks. Kasten CEO Niraj Tolia says the rise of containerized applications is driving the need for a more application-centric approach to tasks ranging from moving and copying data to implementing data protection policies. In contrast, traditional legacy data management tools were never intended to be support dynamic use cases typically found wherever cloud-native applications are deployed.

Read Full Article at https://containerjournal.com/2018/01/10/kasten-rises-to-container-data-management-challenge/

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