Kong Launches Enterprise Edition of API Platform

A newly rebranded Kong Inc., formerly known as Mashape, this week announced the availability of Kong Enterprise Edition, a version of the companys open-source application programming interface (API) management platform that has been designed from the ground up to support microservices based on containers. Kong Inc. CEO Augusto Marietti says the enterprise edition of Kong differs from the open-source edition in that it scales to support more API calls. It also includes role-based access controls, authentication, analytics, a developer portal that generates documentation that complies with the Swagger/OpenAPI Specification, a graphical user interface designed specifically for administrators and 24/7 support. Just as significantly, pricing for Kong Enteprise Edition is based on the number of administrator seats rather than trying to monetize a specific number of API calls. In a world full of thousands of microservices calling a similar number of APIs, pricing API management based on the number of API calls being made is simply no longer practical, he says.

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