Kubernetes: Because Everyone is Doing It

I went to grade school in the mid 1990s, a time when skateboarding was in a cultural upswing. Professional skateboarders were celebrities and every child wanted to be associated with this new definition of cool. I didnt skateboard, as many around me didnt, yet every day we sported horribly uncomfortable specialized skating shoes to school. Its my earliest memory of feeling social pressure and something about it didnt sit right. The shoes werent very comfortable for activities other than skateboarding, so why would I wear them other than because everyones doing it? I work in the software industry and trends happen. Right now, Kubernetes is king. Developers love it and were all singing its praises. Trendy? Yes. But Ive come to realize, sometimes we flock to trends because they work and are worth it. There are objective reasons for building on Kuberneteshence, thats why everyone is doing it. Here are a few starting points:

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