Maturing devops practices: what you don’t yet know

Striving to be an agile shop that is successful in devops isnt a new goal for most organizations. All teams want to deliver better apps faster. Even if this isnt a new objective, however, and teams feel like, in theory, they know what it takes to move to continuous delivery, there are many considerationsincluding some that are unknown. Quoting Donovan Brown from Microsoft, one of my colleagues who contributed a chapter to my latest book,The Digital Quality Handbook: Devops is a union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. This is true for every type of software development, including mobile. The problems that arise when trying to implement the above, especially in the mobile space, are related to automating the entire workflowfrom development through testinguntil the app is in production (i.e., at the app store).

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