NeuVector Bolsters Container Firewall

As more containers get deployed across the enterprise, securing them has become a much a higher priority. But while developers are getting better at securing applications, they still dont have much expertise when it comes to network security. To address that issue, NeuVector released an update to a Layer-7 container firewall that now detects suspicious process and privilege escalations within hosts or containers in addition to attacks being launched via tunnels in the network or that employ reverse shell connections. Glen Kosaka, vice president of product for NeuVector, says that while developers clearly have a greater appreciation for security these days, asking them to become experts in network security isnt a reasonable expectation. NeuVector is trying to abstract away much of that complexity using a Layer 7 firewall that can natively run on top of either Docker encrypted networks or Red Hat OpenShift, Rancher and Kubernetes deployments. NewVector has also demonstrated compatibility with VMware Integrated Containers (VIC). Adapting to evolving container security needs, NeuVector 1.3 features a wealth of key security, integration and UI additions. NeuVector is also releasing an enterprise version of the solution, which features capabilities specifically designed for large-scale deployments.

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