Portworx Launches Storage Orchestration Project for Kubernetes

Portworx this week launched an open source STorage Orchestrator Runtime for Kubernetes (STORK) project, which promises to make it easier to manage the underlying storage systems serving containerized applications. Company CTO Gao Rau says STORK provides a mechanism to inform Kubernetes scheduler software about the state of the physical storage systems attached to a Kubernetes cluster. That capability is needed because when it comes to stateful applications IT operations teams continually deal with issues such as failed servers and drives, as well as activities such as garbage collection to free up storage space, says Rau. STORK is designed to communicate with storage drivers via a plugin interface, which Rau says means it can be extended to work with any storage driver for Kubernetes. Critical storage management capabilities addressed by STORK include enabling hyperconvergence for containerized applications, monitoring of physical storage and support for volume snapshots to simplify backup and recovery.

Read Full Article at https://containerjournal.com/2018/02/01/portworx-launches-storage-orchestration-project-for-kubernetes/

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