Sylabs Arrives to Advance High-Performance Computing Container Adoption

Sylabscame out of stealth today to provide support for container software designed specifically for high-performance computing (HPC) environments that are being employed to process scientific applications based on, forco example, machine and deep learning algorithms. Company CEO Greg Kurtzer says the open source Singularity container he developed for HPC environments is unique in that it is based on a single file (SIF) that encapsulates the runtime environment. That means that all user mobility, security controls compliance, archive, reproducibility and cryptographic signing of the runtime container are enabled via a single file versus requiring organizations to deploy containers such as Docker that are made up of multiple layers of services. Kurtzer says that capability is critical in HPC environments that are designed to process jobs versus microservices. Singularity is compatible with images based on the Open Container Initiative (OCI) standard, while at the same time providing access to direct host IO and seamlessly integrating with resource managers, Message Passing Interface (MPI), batch job workflows and other utilities commonly employed in HPC environments.

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