Technology of the Year 2018: The best hardware, software, and cloud services

Was 2017 the year that every product under the sun was marketed as being cognitive, having machine learning, or being artificially intelligent? Well, yes. But dont hate all of them. In many cases, machine learning actually did improve the functionality of products, sometimes in surprising ways. Our reviewers didnt give any prizes for incorporating AI, but did pick out the most prominent tools for building and training models. These include the deep learning frameworks TensorFlow and PyTorch, the automated model-building package Driverless AI, and the solid machine learning toolbox Scikit-learn. The MLlib portion of Apache Spark fits into this group as well, as does the 25-year-old(!) R programming language, of which our reviewer says, No matter what the machine learning problem, there is likely a solution in CPAN, the comprehensive repository for R code, and in all likelihood it was written by an expert in the domain.

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