Windows Server 1709: Container-focused, devops-oriented

Announced earlier this year, the first semi-annual release of Windows Server has finally arrived. At the heart of the Windows Server 1709 release is a major update of the Server Core variant of Windows Server, with new versions of both Enterprise and Data Center editions. The new Windows Server favors a devops-based organization and enhances its support for containers and cloud deployments. But to get the benefits of the new release, youre going to have to forego the Windows Server UI, shifting to managing your servers with the command line (especially via PowerShell) and with remote user interfaces like the familiar RSAT and the new browser-based Project Honolulu. Its not a surprising move; Microsoft has been signaling a step away from the server GUI for some time now, and its command-line tools offer significant advantages in terms of remote management of multiple servers, using scripts. Mixing PowerShell and Project Honolulu wont make management harder, and it will bring it in line with Windows Servers various Unix-based competitors. Itll also give Microsoft a new management baseline on which to add support for containers and other new ways of working with server operating systems.

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