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A green-screen effect, or chroma keying, is nothing new. The technologywas first used in Hollywood as early as the 1930s, and is still used today in movies, sports broadcasting and, of course, weather shows. But its not reallyconsumer technology mainly because of the need for an actual green screen, a static camera and studio-quality lighting. But being able to havea live video background behind you is cool especially if you can use it to createunique social content to share with your friends. Meet, a new app thats figured out how to achieve a mobile green-screen effect without the need for a full studio environment. Theres some background behind the team had previously builtChosen, an American Idol-style app where you could create and share short video clips showcasing your talents. The startup partnered withThe Ellen Show and gained some traction but it soon became apparent that theirkey demographic, teenagers, were more into apps,where music was the focus of the content they created. So the team took a step back and went heads-down with the goal of buildinga tool to create content that would letyoung people express themselves in a way that hasnt been done before. Essentially, they wanted to create a new type of content that would be unique to has fast-motion videos with overlaid songs, Snapchat has filters and AR-style effects, Instagram has Boomerang you get the point.

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