How To Prototype IoT Experiences: Configuring The Software (Part 2)

In the first article1 of this series, we walked through how to put together the hardware board and all of its additional components into a single rig. I also gave you a glimpse of the decision-making process behind the selection of the board. In this second (and last) article of the series, we will go over the code that will drive the sensor and the communication to the cloud. Additionally, we will configure a custom dashboard on Adafruit IO, so that we can visualize our data in real time. This article assumes you are using a Mac, but much of the content carries over to Windows systems as well. For the coding sections, we will be using Arduinos integrated development environment (IDE) and the C/C++ programming language. There are different ways to get to the same result, so pick the board and programming language that you are most familiar with. We have a lot of ground to cover, so lets begin!

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