The CSS Grid Challenge: Build A Template, Win Some Smashing Prizes!

Layout on the web has always been tricky, but with CSS Grid being now supported in all major browsers, most of the hacks that helped to achieve complex layouts have become obsolete. Firefox even has a CSS Grid Inspector1 built in, so that theres nothing to hold you back from making even the most challenging flexible layout reality. To explore the possibilities and features of CSS Grid together, wed love to invite you to a little contest. Because theres nothing better to completely grasp a new technology as getting your hands dirty and playing with it, right? Now, heres the challenge: You create an interesting, accessible layout with CSS Grid, or use CSS Grid to rebuild an existing layout. What you design is entirely up to you. Feel free to use Flexbox additionally as well, e.g. as fallback for browsers not supporting CSS Grid. The only requirement is that the template you submit doesnt break in IE9 and is still fully accessible in IE8. Deadline: September 30th.

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