Using Slack To Monitor Your App

For the past few months, Ive been building a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, and throughout the development process Ive realized what a powerful tool Slack (or team chat in general) can be to monitor user and application behavior. After a bit of integration, its provided a real-time view into our application that previously didnt exist, and its been so invaluable that I couldnt help but write up this show-and-tell. It all started with a visit to a small startup in Denver, Colorado. During my visit, I started hearing a subtle and enchanting ding in the corner of the office every few minutes. When I went to investigate this strange noise, I found a service bell hooked up to a Raspberry Pi, with a tiny metal hammer connected to the circuit board. As it turned out, the Pi was receiving messages from the teams server, and it swung that little hammer at the bell every time a new customer signed up. I always thought that was a great team motivator, and it got me thinking of how I could use team chat to achieve a similar experience.

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