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Ever wonder why your Internet marketing campaign is not effective? How do you know if your web site is working, busy attracting and serving visitors?

Without knowing your web site performance, you could be losing sales daily because of bad page layout, wrong targeting or slow server response. You could be spending money on advertising campaigns without getting results. In short, without business intelligence data, you cannot have a successful on-line business strategy.

Data mining

Unlike physical shop or office, you cannot observe or interact with visitors. You need to have web analytics data to know how many visitors per day your site is getting, know where are they from and know which pages they are browsing.


Getting web analytics data for your web site is easy. Just sign up for free standard Google Analytics account, add their tracking script to your web site and it will start collecting data.

Success Stories

You can read how businesses use Google Analytics to gather insights, improve performance and increase 50% in sales – GA success stories.

Data visualization

With the web analytics data available, use a dashboard to have quick overview of your web site current status. Dashboard provides an easy to read snapshot of performance indicators for making business decisions. You can have multiple dashboard display in key departments in your organization. With easy access to information, better strategies can be formulated for growth, sales and efficiency.

Dashboard are also useful for monitoring. You can glance at it occasionally to ensure your web site is up and working properly. Any potential problem can detected and rectified quickly.

dashing dashboard HDTV
Dashboard using dashing.io and google analytics integration. Access anywhere from the Internet, allow beautiful 1080p HDTV dashboard displays in board rooms, sales & marketing meeting or production floor. Have ready access to your web data …

Getting your dashboard

You can have a blogger dashboard, e commerce dashboard or on line marketing campaign dashboard to display goals and objectives. Use large LCDs or HDTV to show them in board rooms, sales and marketing department or in production line. Setup your dashboard today! Call or send me at email here! – Contact Allan Chang

Get KPIs (key performance indicators) of your web site with Google Analytics and display them in simple, easy to understand visual dashboard. Check our live dashboard demo at: http://dash00.ukiki.me/

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