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Laravel View Components Package

We featured View Components in Laravel, written by Jeff Ochoa, as an alternative approach to View Composers. Inspired by Jeffs article, Sebastian De Deyne of Spatie created a Laravel package that brings the concept of a View Component to Laravel applications.

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Vue Design System Docs: An Open Source Tool For Building Ui Design Systems With Vue.js

Vue Design System provides a set of organized tools, patterns & practices for building UI Design Systems with Vue.js, that work as the foundation for your application development. The tool is built on top of Vue.js, Vue Styleguidist, Vue Webpack Template & Theo and is aimed for designers and front-end developers who have at least basic knowledge of component based workflows + HTML, SCSS & JavaScript.

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Arkadium’s InHabit adds interactive content to any story, starting with sports

Arkadium is launching a new product called InHabit, which can automatically introduce polls, quizzes and games that are tailored to each article. When weve written about Arkadium in the past, weve talked about them as a casual gaming company, but CEO Jessica Rovello told me her team has become focused on one specific aspectthat business, namely providing visual interactive content to publishers.

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