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Building Flexible Axios Clients

Recently I set out to improve how I work with APIs in my Vue applications by building a flexible Axios client that I can use in my Vuex actions and one-off components. I prefer to build specific API JS modules that I can import into my components and Vuex modules instead of a baked-in Axios call from a component.

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Vue Design System Docs: An Open Source Tool For Building Ui Design Systems With Vue.js

Vue Design System provides a set of organized tools, patterns & practices for building UI Design Systems with Vue.js, that work as the foundation for your application development. The tool is built on top of Vue.js, Vue Styleguidist, Vue Webpack Template & Theo and is aimed for designers and front-end developers who have at least basic knowledge of component based workflows + HTML, SCSS & JavaScript.

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What’s new in the Sails Node.js framework

Sails,an MVC web framework for building Node.js applicationsalso known as Sails.js, is now in Version 1.0 production status, featuring an async/await capability from the ECMAScript 2017 specification that promises to improve developer productivity. Async/await promises sizable gains in productivity and fewer lines of code.

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Tutoring startup Toot launches into twin policy storms around education and immigration

Earlier this week, as President Donald Trump was readying his second attempt to block immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries, two entrepreneurs a refugee from Iran and the daughter of an Iranian immigrant, were laying the groundwork for the launch of their business aiming to transform educational access. The dichotomy between the founders of Toot, who are trying to expand access to tutoring via simple text messaging a service that could potentially help students around the globe and the anti-immigration ideology of the current administration could not be starker.

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