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May 2018 Git Security Vulnerability

CVE 2018-11235 is a new industry-wide security vulnerability in Git that can lead to arbitrary code execution when a user operates in a malicious repository. In the announcement, Edward Thomson describes the vulenerability: A remote repository may contain a definition for a submodule, and also bundle that submodules repository data, checked in to the parent repository as a folder.

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Eliminating alert fatigue: a devops secret

Anyone whos been in the devops space is probably familiar with alert fatigue. At the beginning of a devops transformation, engineers set up as many monitors as they can to catch issues before they happen or to understand when things are happening.

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LeoLabs raises $4M to build out its space debris collision avoidance network

Low-Earth orbit is a prime candidate for explosive commercial growth, but its also aspace where the risk of actual explosions resulting from debris impact is a legitimate concern for businesses focused on the opportunity. Thats the problem LeoLabs aims to address, a startup spun out of SRI International to detect, map and help avoid collisions with debris and objects floating in low-Earth orbit (LEO).

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