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IBM launches resources for cloud-native Node.js apps

IBMs new CloudNativeJS project seeks to help developers build and deploy cloud-native Node.js applications via Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration. The open source effort is intended to provide tools, best practices, and assets to make it easier to build enterprise-grade applications in the cloud.

Introducing Laravel Nova

Were thrilled to announce Laravel Nova, a beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel created by the Laravel team. The level of customization available in Nova is mind-blowing, and its quite intelligent out-of-the-box once you configure Nova resources for your application.

Laravel View X-Ray

Laravel View X-Ray is a package for Laravel 5.6 by Marcel Pociot which enables you to peek into your Laravel views and find out which template matches a specific part of the HTML output. After installing the package its enabled by default in development, and then you can hit Cmd + Shift + X (Ctrl + Shift + X on Windows).

New Outer Array Functions Coming to PHP 7.3

PHP 7.3 introduces two new array functions for working with the outer keys of an array. The RFC proposal included four new functions for both keys and values, but only the array key functions were accepted: Although the outer array value functions were declined, at least new functions will be available for getting the outer keys of an array.

Laravel Query Detector

Laravel Query Detector is a package by Marcel Pociot, which detects N+1 queries. The package will automatically notify you of any N+1 issues when your application is in debug mode.

Count Models With the Laravel Visits Package

Laravel Visits is a package by Bader Almutairi for attaching counters to any model to track visits with tags. The main features this package provides, include the following: The basic usage for counting models includes the following methods for incrementing and decrementing among others: Once youve collected counter data for your model, you can retrieve and filter results with the following: You can also collect other interesting data about country and referrer if you want a quick analytics tool for tracking models: The geo data for the country functionality is provided through the Torann/laravel-geoip package.

Laravel Query Builder

Laravel Query Builder is a package by Alex Vanderbist and the folks at Spatie, to quickly build Eloquent queries from API requests. This package makes creating complex API queries with Laravel incredibly simple.

Laravel Dump Server

Laravel Dump Server is a package by Marcel Pociot, which brings Symfonys Var-Dump Server to Laravel. Instead of dumped data messing up the response, a dedicated Dump server console collects dumped data which is sent to stdout, or piped to a file: The dd() command is what I grab, but being able to dump output at certain points without die()ing seems like an excellent workflow!