Allan Chang, Full Stack Developer

A Web Technology follower, Allan enjoys working with programming languages, creating web applications and managing web servers. Besides work, he codes his Arduino for fun projects such as a high-speed photography flash trigger.

During his free time, he enjoys fingerpicking his guitar, sometimes playing music, most of the time creating noise.

He can be seen riding his folding bicycle around the neighborhood. Goes diving occasionally, seen a live sunfish and enjoys cooking his own meals. When it is time to rest, he sleeps through audiobooks and dreams of Elves, Trolls and Northern Lights.

Allan Chang


Allan’s Skills Profile Languages PHP, Python, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS3 Frameworks Laravel PHP Framework, Nodejs, VueJs, ReactJs Database MySQL, SQLite, , PostgreSQL, Redis Content Management System WordPress ECommerce Opensource Opencart, WooCommerce Linux System Administrator Ubuntu, CentOS, CoreOs, ElementaryOS Server Management WHM, Cpanel, Virtualmin, Promox, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible Test Framework Phpunit, Mocha, Ava Allan’s Services Web Site Setup Online Shop / ECommerce / Multi Level Marketing Mobile Developer, IoT Device Application RESTful API Search Engine Optimization Internet Social Marketing Web Application Projects Contract PHP Developer Malaysia PHP Performance Tests PHP Refactoring / PHPunit Tests Rewrite legacy PHP applications to Laravel Apache / NGINX Web Server SysAdmin Cloud Computing, Kubernetes Container Orchestration Email Server Management Web Data Mining Sentiment Analysis, Keyword Text Classification Selenium Web Automation Web Server Migration <!-- Full Stack Developer --> Looking for highly skilled full stack developer for your project? Let’s get connected …! Submit or just send me an email! ->