Laravel Event Projector Released

Freek Van der Herten and the Spatie crew have been working on Laravel Event Projector, a package for event sourcing in Laravel. The first stable version (v1.0.0) is now live! You can install Event Projector in your project with composer, and thanks to Laravels package auto-discovery, youre ready to go after you publish the packages migrations and configuration! Event Project requires PHP 7.2, so your app will need to support the latest version of PHP, versus the Laravel constraint of PHP >=7.1.3. According to Event Sourcing Pattern, an overview of event sourcing is as follows: Instead of storing just the current state of the data in a domain, use an append-only store to record the full series of actions taken on that data. The store acts as the system of record and can be used to materialize the domain objects. This can simplify tasks in complex domains, by avoiding the need to synchronize the data model and the business domain, while improving performance, scalability, and responsiveness. It can also provide consistency for transactional data, and maintain full audit trails and history that can enable compensating actions.

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