Laravel Mail Viewer

Laravel Mail Viewer is a package by Harish Toshniwal that enables you to view all the mailables in your Laravel application in a single place. The Design and content team members often need access to the emails your app will be sending out to the users. This is a fairly simple package that makes it possible and tries to minimize developer dependency. By using this package, you can have a dedicated route to view all your mailables at a single place. Having shareable URLs to view the emails makes the team co-ordination more smooth. I find this idea neat for developers too, because I am always looking through test emails to check out the email, and this package gives you an excellent way to reference all of them in one place. The configuration is opt-in for the mailables that you want to appear, which means that any new emails youd like to add you must explicitly define them. You can also constrain accessing mailables by the environment. Heres an example of what it looks like from the readme:

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