Maizzle Email Framework

Maizzle is a new email framework for rapid HTML email development. Its a static site generator tailored to email thats more like a project than a package you install. Maizzle is an email framework made for developers. It brings together open source tools such as Jigsaw and TailwindCSS, to create a solid workflow for HTML email development. You can clone Maizzle on your machine and start creating emails using Tailwind configuration and blade templates! Since Jigsaw powers it, you can take advantage of master layouts, partials, collections, and Laravel mix. One of the coolest features, in my opinion, is using Tailwind, the utility-first CSS framework to rapidly prototype HTML emails: Maizzle uses the TailwindCSS utility-first CSS framework, so you can rapidly prototype HTML emails by just adding classes to your markup. Once satisfied with the dev preview, run the production script to generate clean HTML with inlined styles and many other email-specific adjustments (configurable).

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