Integrating content management into your Vue.js projects with Prismic

Prismic is a headless API-based CMS for websites and apps. It can easily integrate with existing systems and your existing projects, providing a development kit for different languages or frameworks (Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Java, .NET & NodeJS, React, Vue.js, Laravel). Taking care of upgrades, maintenance and security Prismic has many companies using it, learn how they help companies with their needs through the use cases. A content management system (CMS) manages the creation and modification of digital content. Keeping up with the rapid development of Vue.js the team has created support for Vue.js developers who need to integrate content management into their projects. There’s a Vue starter project, a plugin, and tons of docs on integrating Prismic into projects. You can start by using the Vue.js starter project. Simply define, edit and publish your content in a Prismic content repository, query and fetch content from our API, then integrate the content into your components. Clone the Prismic Vue.js starter The first step is to clone the Prismic Vue.js starter in your local environment. Open a terminal (command prompt or similar on Windows) and run the following command:

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