Vui: A Vue.js component library for designers and front-end developers based on Bootstrap 4

Vui is a lightweight component library for Single Page Applications based on Bootstrap 4. It allows for quick prototypes or enhancing your build with an extensive collection of pre-built components that are easy to use and customize to fit your exact needs. The project was designed with the principle of easy usage by designers and front-end developers. A consistent and responsive Vue UI library, based on the front-end framework UIkit. Vui is intended to be use with a Vue 2.x CLI Webpack project. It will not work with Vue 1.x or if your project includes Vue.js as a script file. The components are written in Vue single file component pattern. Within the download you’ll find the following directories and files, logically grouping common assets. Vui has no dependency on jQuery or Bootstrap’s Javascript, however a few of the components require the following libraries. Listed below are the required dependencies: Vui Core: Vui Component: CodePanel

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