Algoriz lets you build trading algorithms with no coding required

Traders who have an idea for a money-making algorithm have two choices: learn to code themselves, or hire a great engineer. But neither of these two options are realistic, especially for part-time traders who dont have a large bankroll behind them. MeetAlgoriz, a startup participating in Y Combinators Winter 2017 batch.Soraya Taghavi, founder and CEO of Algoriz, previously worked in trading at Goldman Sachs, where she noticed a disconnect between traders with ideas and people actually ableto code technical trading algorithms. Soshe created aplatform thatlets any trader write algorithms inplain English. Heres how it works: To create an algorithm you could write If SNAP is up 3% from yesterday, and the S&P is down, sell100 shares of SNAP. The platform also supports more complicatedtechnical indicators, like Bollinger Bands, exponential moving averages and moving average convergence divergence. You also can specify things like when to take a profit or the maximum percent loss youre willing to take.Algoriz takes theseinputs and coverts them behind the scenes into a workingalgorithm that runs 24/7on the startups platform. You can then back-test the algorithm using historical data to see how it would have performed, or push it live.

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