GeoVisual Search from Descartes Labs makes the Earth searchable

Scavenger hunts just got significantly more tactical with Descartes Labs new GeoVisual Search. Finding shipping containers, runways and even parking lots on a global scale is no problem with thefree tool made available today.Descartes Labs is a geospatial analytics startup based inLos Alamos, New Mexico. The company specializes in analyzing satellite imagery and other global data with machine learningto powerpredictive analytics for agriculture and other key industries. Users can scourthe earths surface by placing a provided bounding box around any object they would like to search for. GeoVisual Search returns other instances of the same object acrossthe world. The team is still tinkering so its not able to return an exhaustive list of every occurrence of a given feature. But such a feature would require a more advanced search. The models powering GeoVisual Search dont have the innate knowledge to accurately differentiate betweenwindmills and other turbines. Descartes Labs CEO Mark Johnson hints that this could be accommodated with a Tinder-like interface, so users could swipe right and left on returned images to fine-tine their search. Descartes isnt charging for GeoVisual Search thoughJohnson alluded to a future paid version for analysts. That more complete platform could include the additional aforementioned features. Large tech companies have the resources today to explore data in ways that the average researcher cannot. Facebook dida population density analysis by analyzing structures with computer vision. The company hopes to use the data to inform its global connectivity efforts. GeoVisual Search could eventually make it possible for groups with fewer resourcesto undertakesimilar projects.

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