Indigo Fair connects local retailers with the perfect merchandise

A new startup calledIndigo Fairis looking to change the way local retailers do business specifically, how they source and manage the inventory they use to stock their shelves. Founded by a team of former Square employees, the company is launching with seedfunding from Khosla Ventures, YC and some angels. Indigo Fair has built a marketplace that simplifies the process local retailers go through tofind and ordernew merchandise. By aggregating merchandisefrom a number of wholesalers and distributors, the company can offer unique items retailers might not have had access to. Theyre also bringing a level or transparency to local retail that hadnt been available before. Indigo Fair founders Marcelo Cortes, Daniele Perito and Max Rhodes The company was founded by a trio of former Square employees: CEO Max Rhodes, who was PM ona variety of strategic initiatives, including Square Capital and Square Cash; CIO Daniele Perito, who led risk and security for Square Cash; and CTO Marcelo Cortes, who was an engineering lead for Square Cash. Together, theyre looking to reduce the time and money retailers spend finding goods to sell. Today, manyfind goods by flying around the country and scouring trade shows for unique merchandise from various makers and suppliers. Its a time-consuming and expensive process that doesnt guarantee results: Once a product is found, ordered and put in stores, theres no guarantee it will sell. On the supply side, Indigo Fair has more than 20,000 products from 5,000 makersfrom which retailers can choose. Using a bit of artificial intelligence on the backend, Indigo Fair can recommend merchandise that matchesa stores motif.More importantly, it reduces the hassle local store owners and buyers go through when theyre looking to find the goods they use to stock their stores.

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