Meet Flippy, a burger-grilling robot from Miso Robotics and CaliBurger

Flipping burgers is a hot and greasy job. Slips, trips, burns and cuts are common hazards associated with the work. But global demand for burgers is tremendous. Top burger chains racked up more than $75.5 billion in annual sales in 2016.To help keep human cooks out of harms way while fulfilling our collective appetite for burgers, Pasadena-basedMiso Robotics is rolling out a new robotic kitchen assistant called Flippy. Miso Robotics CEO and co-founder David Zito said, We focus on using AI and automation to solve the high pain points in restaurants and food prep. Thats the dull, dirty and dangerous work around the grill, the fryer, and other prep worklike chopping onions. The idea is to help restaurants improve food quality and safety without requiring amajorkitchen redesign. Miso Robotics was funded in part by the quick service restaurant, CaliBurger, which makes and sells California style burgers, and operates in 12 countries today. Canyon Creek Capital and individual angel investors have also contributed funding to help Miso Robotics get started. All of Miso Robotics employees went to work in CaliBurger kitchens as grill cooks before and while working on the original design of Flippy.Getting behind the grill and cooking with and without Flippy is a regular part of Zitos job, the CEO said. Now, CaliBurger has committed to using Flippy in50 of its restaurants, at least, over the next two years. It has already been testing Flippy in a Pasadena restaurant, the companies said. The Flippy robot takes the form of a relatively small, wheeled cart equipped with a 6-axis robotic arm and what Miso Robotics calls a sensor bar. It can be installed in front of or next to any standard grill or fryer. It takes in data from thermal sensors, 3D sensors and different cameras onboard to perceive its environment.Digital systems that send tickets from the counter back to the kitchen give Flippy its orders. A robots view of the grill. Read Full Article at