Parental control service “Circle with Disney” to help with distracted driving, social media, kids’ chores & more

Circle with Disney, a device that helps parents managetheir homes internet rules and restrictions, wants to be more than just a modern-day net nanny. Already, it had differentiated itself from competing software solutions, by offering a licensed selection of Disney content like games, videos, trailers and more to make its service more appealing. Today, its taking a step at becoming a more expansive smart family platform, through a series of integrations that letCircle work with services that rewardkids for chores or meeting activity goals, those that limit distracted driving, those that filter social media, and more. Amazon Alexa will also work with Circle, allowing parents to ask questions about their kids screen time usage. And kids can ask Alexa about their own time limits, as well. The feature is called Circle Connections, but its not fully live at this time. Instead, the company is the unveiling its larger roadmap of integrations planned for the upcoming year. Today, only thefirst integration withFamilyTechapps is actually available. FamilyTech has a number of apps, including MotherShp, ChoreMonster, and Landra, which help kids earn rewards by performing chores around the house. With Circle, those rewards can now be added screen time or later bedtimes, at parents discretion.

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