SocialRank Realtime helps marketers get more proactive on social media

SocialRank co-founder Alex Taub classifiesmost brand interactions on social media into two broad categories. Theyre either broadcasting to all of their followers or, if theyre communicating individually, its usually in a reactive way, like responding to a complaint. With the just-launched SocialRank Realtime, Taub and his team are trying to enable something different. So instead of just looking for complaints or comments about their brand, a marketer could find relevant conversations where they can make someone happy by jumping in and offering a free product or another deal, and maybe get a little positive promotion in the process. You can see a number of real examples in this company blog post, like Aropostale offering a free Starbucks gift card to students complaining about their midterms, andJuicy Couture offering clothes to people tweeting about what to wear at Coachella. Oh, and theres the new Magic Mike Live show giving tickets to someone tweeting about a bachelorette party in Las Vegas. To accomplish this, Taub said SocialRank is using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to surface posts that are about wants and needs starting in the categories of food, beverage, travel and entertainment. (The team is also looking to improve the technology as far as understanding the emotions conveyed in a tweet, and also distinguishing between brand and individual accounts.) Those posts are presented in a feed where a marketer can browse and respond.

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