Spotify acquires audio detection startup Sonalytic

Streaming music service Spotify announced this morning it has acquired a company called Sonalytic, makers of an audio detection technology that can identify songs, mixed content and audio clips, as well as track copyright-protected material, and aid in music discovery. These features line up with services that Spotify offers, making Sonalytic a natural fit for the company. Deal terms were not revealed. Spotify didntprovide much detail on its plans for integrating Sonalytic with its service, only saying that its audio detection feature will be used to do things like improve personalized playlists and match songs with compositions to improve its publishing data system. The company also teased that users can stay tuned for new products that will come to market, thanks to Sonalytics help. London-based Sonalytic, founded last summer, was not a consumer-facing business, but rather offered both a web-based interface for low-volume customers of its technology, as well as an API for larger customers. It explains on its website that it had developed a next-gen approach to audio identification thats robust to changes in pitch and tempo, the addition of background noise,distortion, filtering, compression, looping, EQing and much more.In other words, a better Shazam. Even with small sample clips as short as one second in length, its technology is capable of identifying the track whether chord or vocal, its website claims. And it can be used to identify not just songs, but also musical stems found within derivative works.

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