Watch ‘High Resolution,’ a video series about design

Jared Erondu is a host of High Resolution. Bobby Ghoshal is a host of High Resolution. Ever wonder how design has helped drive success for businesses like Airbnb, Facebook, Slack and IBM? How about how theirteams are structured? How theyoperate? What their processes look like? High Resolutionis bringing clarity to these questions, and were doing it 25 times. Weresittingdown with 25 masters of the digital design industry to learn how they approach, communicate and deploy design every single day in their businesses. Theyll walk us through their methods for using design as a competitive differentiator to win their space. Our limitedvideo series on design, design thinking and leadership will bring you ~1,500 minutes of deep dive actionable content. Youll hearstories about how storytelling was used to drive the conversation for Airbnb Trips. How Uber formed an inclusive process to redesign their apps from the ground up. How Omada Health changeddesign from a noun to a verb topolitely disrupt the trillion-dollar healthcare industry. How design at Apple changed after Steve Jobs passed away.

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